Big Ideas, Small Spaces

Open Source Tiny House is a collaboration between of Boneyard Studios and Urban Density Lab. We are dedicated to creating an environment to share technical and design information related to tiny houses.


This workshop is developed by a tiny house builder, a small-space architect, and the co-founder of the country's first tiny house community.  We have been experimenting with different types of builds and designs for tiny houses, and are excited to share our knowledge with you and provide a space for others to share their designs as well.


Read about our past workshop here!


We have designed a workshop - Big Ideas, Small Spaces - that includes everything I, as a DIY builder, wish I would have known before starting my project. We will be giving you the tools to effectively and efficiently get started on your own tiny/small house project, including an online project plan with major key decisions and technical resources.  In addition, the workshop will allow you to tour and learn about different design and construction options from the four tiny houses on the Boneyard Studios lot, the nation's first tiny house community.


We look forward to sharing with you - either virtually or in person!  


Click Here to read about our last workshop.  Click here to watch a video.

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